Sprout your own Microgreens!

Simple 7-day video course + organic sprouting seeds

This course helped Sarah and her daughter (pictured here) turn their pantry seeds into edible greens!
start with sprouting kit

What's included in the Sprouting Course:

From the time you start the course, you will receive a sequence of emails with links to the short course video of the day.

You'll also be expected to do some offline work of seed starting and observing for next week and a half. (And yes, you can start this course whenever you want, not necessarily right away.)

To help you along, we've provided the sprouting seeds for you, as well as an opportunity to reach out to us with sprouting questions in the Sprouting Forums.

  • Easy-to-follow Tutorial Videos

    $49 value

    This course guides you every step of the way with (1) one short & simple video & 10-15 minutes of seed sprouting work on your part.

    The videos also teach the science behind sprouting. Children, in particular, can benefit from the explanations of photosynthesis and gardening with the help of their garden teacher, Mrs. Schauder.

    The course also comes with a 25-page, printable workbook to help guide you through sprouting process.

  • Organic Sprouting Seed Mix & 10X10 Tray

    $34.99 value

    (This photo was sent in by one of our sprouters after receiving her sprouting package in the mail.)

    start with sprouting

    We curate and mix a special blend of:
    • organic
    • non-GMO
    • & often heirloom seeds
    made of peas, radish, alfalfa, wheatgrass, broccoli, and peas for you & mail them directly to your doorstep!

    This will be enough sprouting seeds for 8 weeks of continuous microgreen harvests for you!
  • 1-Month Access to Sprouting Forums

    $20 value

    In the forums, you'll enjoy these benefits:

    • Join other Sprouters around the US, Canada, and Australia who are also on a seed sprouting journey.
    • Troubleshoot your sprouts by asking questions in real-time and getting feedback in 24-48 hours.
    • Celebrate your wins & your sprouting recipes by uploading photos in this safe, non-Facebook forum space.

A $104 value for only $49

  • $49 - Video Tutorials & Workbook
  • $34.99 - Sprouting Seeds for 8 weeks & 10X10 Tray
  • $20 - 1-Month Access to Forums
  • Plus! The first to sign-up in January receive a Mason Jar Sprouting Lid!
  • Qries

What will this experience feel like?

Transform yourself into food producer (not just consumer) in 7-14 days!

Learning how to grow your own food is vital to being prepared in times of uncertainty.

A lot of us want to become more self-sufficient & less dependent on the food system. At the same time, we want to feed our family the yummiest, most organic, most nutrient-dense foods possible. Perhaps you are daunted by not knowing how to start.

So what do we do? We buy our organic food.

Unfortunately, store-bought food isn't really the healthiest option.

For instance, 100% of Vitamin C in spinach is lost after a week of refrigeration. Even when the spinach is organic.

The healthiest, most local, most nutrient-dense foods you can eat, are the microgreens you will grow in this course.

Get ready to transform the way you eat in this 1-2 week course!
Become a food producer instead of merely a consumer.

Course Overview

  • 1

    Sprouting Day 1

    • Introduction

    • Before we begin a few questions for you...

    • Sprouting Day 1: Setting up your seed sprouting tray! Hurray!

  • 2

    Sprouting Day 2

    • Sprouting Day 2: Checking your Sprouts

    • How Much to Water Your Sprouts

  • 3

    Sprouting Day 3

    • Sprouting Day 3: Germination

  • 4

    Sprouting Day 4

    • Sprouting Day 4: Photosynthesis

  • 5

    Sprouting Day 5

    • Sprouting Day 5: Do Plants Need Oxygen?

  • 6

    Sprouting Day 6

    • Sprouting Day 6: Maintenance

  • 7

    Last Day of Sprouting

    • Before we celebrate...

    • Join the Sprouting Party & Recipe Share

    • Sprouting in Trays of Water

    • Sprouting in Jars of Water


  • What if I want to wait before starting my sprouting course?

    You can start the course anytime you want. Your 1-month access to the forums will begin as soon as you start uploading your sprouting photos.

  • Do you send a sprouting tray as well as seeds?

    Yes! As a limited-time bonus, we are giving away not one but (12) seed packets of FREE organic sprouting seeds for you to use. Plus (1) one 10x10 sprouting tray. You can use this to sprout continuously for at least 8 weeks! We will ask you to send us your mailing address after you enroll.
    If you would like to purchase the sprouting kit separately, and even more organic sprouting seeds, you may do so from our Seed Shop.

  • How long does this course take?

    We aim to present the shortest & yet most jam-packed course on this topic. It's a total of 7 daily videos (3-5 minutes each).
    Give yourself 15-minutes of offline sprouting work for 7 days straight and after that, we hope you'll continue to sprouting habit beyond the course! Many of our clients do!

  • We've heard you do garden consulting over Zoom. Will that be included in this course?

    Unfortunately, a Garden Consult over Zoom is not included in this course. However, you are always welcome to schedule a "30-minute Garden Chat" with us to refine your sprouting technique or consult us about your home garden. Just email us at permaculturegardens@gmail.com.

  • Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

    Absolutely! If you complete the entire 1-week course + all the coursework and feel that you did not get value out of it, we will gladly refund you all but the shipping costs of the seeds.
    The sprouting seeds are yours to keep!

What our Sprouters are Saying

5 star rating

Fun and Easy

Marisa Moore

I really enjoyed this fun and easy introduction to growing sprouts for added nutrition. It will be a great way to add to my family's nutrition no matter what season.

I really enjoyed this fun and easy introduction to growing sprouts for added nutrition. It will be a great way to add to my family's nutrition no matter what season.

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5 star rating


Christine Thuet