What is Grow It Yourself / GIY ?

Gardening can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be! We’ll lead you by the hand every step of the way, take the guesswork out of growing, and teach you the skills you need to meet your garden goals. 

Grow-It-Yourself (GIY) is a garden program that makes your backyard food garden dream a reality!

What's kept you from growing?

Think you have no time to grow?
Have a space that's too small, too shady and oh! the deer!
Overwhelmed by too much info on the Internet?
We're here to tell you, you can grow abundantly in small spaces as long as you simplify your approach and go about gardening strategically!

  • Got 15 minutes a day for gardening? That's all it takes!

  • Deer, raccoons, shady and tiny yards are our specialty! That's all we know! And our own experiences have made us passionate about sharing all we know about overcoming these obstacles.

  • Overwhelmed? We encourage & show you how to take the next garden journey step that's right for you.

What's included in GIY?

A step-by-step 8-hour course called, "The Core Course." From the time you start the course, you will receive a sequence of emails with links to the short course video of the day.

You'll also be expected to do some offline work (And yes, you can start this course whenever you want, not necessarily right away.)

To help you along, join our "Zoom Check-Ins." These are monthly coaching calls available to you. You can reach out anytime & interact with fellow GIY members in the GIY Forums!

  • The Core Course: A complete, self-paced permaculture garden course

    $199 value

    Masterclasses & Seminars

    $99 value

    On special topics such as:

    and so much more!

  • Garden Printables

    $49 value

    Annual Crop Templates, Seasonal Checklists, Plant Profiles. Because, you know, some things are just better done offline.

  • Coaching & Community

    $49 value

    Join growers around the world in a private, non-Facebook, online-garden community where you can ask questions and learn from other gardeners! Live monthly garden consultations on Zoom so you can:

    • Troubleshoot any garden problems
    • Ask your specific questions
    • Share your progress
    & Celebrate your wins!
  • Seed, Plants & Garden Tools

    $99 value

    "Game-ify your Garden!"

    In GIY, we believe it's more fun and motivational if you're working towards a goal and getting rewarded for it.

    Receive garden goodies such as seeds, fig and berry cuttings as well as garden tools in the mail for achieving GIY milestones like finishing a course, attending a Zoom Check-In, or logging your harvests.

  • Coming Soon: Garden Apps

    $39 value

    Online tools to make planning your garden easier! This includes a planting calendar and garden design software.


  • Do you have a 30-day money-back guarantee?


    If, after you've taken full advantage of this course, having done the work that is required to earn you more than your investment in the program (see next FAQ as to what that entails), you still feel that GIY has not paid you back in being able to grow your own food more abundantly,
    we will happily give you a FULL REFUND.

    For people who pay for the program but withdraw before 30-days, and do not fully participate in GIY (as stated above), we give a partial refund and reserve the right to decline their future participation in GIY if they ask to join the program again.

    Ultimately, your garden progress depends on your sporting spirit and the work that you put into the program over the course of (1) one year.

  • What is required to take full advantage of the program?

    - Finish the 8-hour, self-paced, Core Course + the required homework of posting photos of the plants you have tried to grow

    - Prepare for and attend at least (1) one Zoom Call a month, (basically, meet and consult with us online)

    - Submit an initial design of your backyard

    And that's it!

  • Does my GIY subscription automatically renew every year?

    Once you sign-up for GIY, the default is for members to be on automatic yearly renewal.

    You can cancel this automatic renewal at any time.

    We also warn all our GIY clients via email a few weeks before the annual renewal takes place.

    If you do choose to join GIY, but do not want to be automatically renewed for next year. We can put you in a non-automatic renewal mode. Just let us know via email (permaculturegardens@gmail.com) so that we can switch the mode manually.

  • Can I gift this course?


    If you're trying to keep GIY a secret gift until a given date, kindly do the following:

    - Purchase the course using your name and email address.
    - Email us (permaculturegardens@gmail.com) his/her first and last name, email address, and mailing address.
    - Tells us the date by which you want your gift to arrive at your recipient's door and inbox. We will make sure that this is your recipient's GIY start date.
    - Let us know if you want us to write anything special on the card included in the mailed box.

    What a sweet thought!

Some sweet words from GIY members

“Nicky's garden design for my backyard is not only beautiful but maximizes space & uses permaculture principles that lead me to grow more veggies than I thought possible in my tiny space!”

Nicole F., Virginia

“I want to let you both know how much I enjoyed gardening and GIY this summer! Thank you!!!”

Amanda, California

“Without GIY, our 208 square foot urban "farm" would simply not be possible. Their knowledge and passion have helped us avoid numerous rookie mistakes. They are completely genuine and their attention to detail is unaparalleled."”

Camille B, Virginia

““I want to learn and grow to teach my children. All along the process I have felt fabulously mentored and helped. When I felt overwhelmed, you’ve helped me focus on my next step and set realistic goals and the accountability has been extremely helpful. I feel like I’ve got more than I expected and you overdelivered tremendously.””

Sandy, Arizona