This course is a complete A-Z course on permaculture gardening!

You will learn:

  • how to design & build your permaculture garden

  • what to grow & when to grow it

  • how to maximize your yields by focusing on your soil

Our Story

How food allergies got us growing

We started on this path of permaculture gardening when our kids were diagnosed with severe food allergies and failure to thrive. 

This was our Ethan at 6 months with eczema.

And this is him today.

To this day, they still suffer from allergies but to a lesser degree than before.

14 years ago, we did not know where to turn for allergy help.  And we had a gnawing sensation that they may be caused by the conventional food system. So we decided to grow our own food.

Growing Food: A Healthier Alternative

Tired of guessing what toxins might be lurking in your food?

So are we!

Studies show that pesticides found in our food are linked not only allergies but to cancer!
More recent studies reveal that glyphosate (a common constituent of commercial pesticide) causes diseases across generations!
So we were going to garden!

The only problem was, we had no idea how to start growing food. We bought seeds, soil, and built our first raised beds. But It seemed as if everything we tried to grow, died!
We failed miserably our first year & had a few tomatoes to show for our efforts.
What where we doing wrong?


the design system we use to grow 25% of our fruits & veggies

After much research, trial & error and a whole lot of frustration, we stumbled upon "permaculture," a holistic design system for sustainable living & regenerative agriculture.  

Dave and I (Nicky) began putting into practice what we learned from the permaculture certificate courses we enrolled in and started with observation & design.  In short, we planned before we planted.  

Currently, we grow 300 lbs worth of produce/year from our tiny townhome's garden and over $3,000/year on the organic herbs, flowers, fruit & veggies that we no longer need to buy. (Not to mention the lotion, salves, teas, and remedies that we make from our garden that go towards keeping us healthy.) 

These and our nutrient-dense backyard food most likely save us from getting sick and having to pay costly medical bills.

See photos of our backyard's evolution in the span of 5 years below.

We continue to learn & grow

We couldn't keep our passion for growing and teaching others to grow food a secret for very long.

We built a permaculture garden at our kids' school.

We installed our parents' gardens.

We sat in on community garden meetings aiming to demonstrate that growing food was one's right and need.

We learned from our mistakes

We took note, recorded what worked & what didn't & created The "Core Course"

At the heart of all our efforts, we want to help other families to provide themselves with their own:

  • food
  • medicine &
  • spiritual connection
    through ecological gardening.

We are honored to get to do just that with families around the US.  Here are some photos of gardens from our clients.

With the wildfires in Australia and California...
The devastating hurricanes & storms that leave ruined homes in their wake...
With global desertification at hand.

We feel strongly the call to help other families steward their own little patch of earth & transform it into the Garden of Eden.

This is why the Core Course exists.
It exists so that you can build your own permaculture garden without our rookie mistakes & with far less effort than it would normally take to do so.
If you:

  • are wiling to do the work
  • want to teach your children where their food comes from &
  • cannot wait to feel proud for having grown the most nutrient-dense veggies right in your backyard. Then...
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